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Robert M. Pacholik, a native of Chicago’s Southside, served two combat-tours in Vietnam as an Army field photographer and military journalist assigned to three Commands during 1968-69.

After completing a Bachelor’sdegree, a Master’s degree, and a Community College Instructor Credential at Cal State University, Sacramento, he worked  n weekly, daily, and metro daily newspapers for ten years, including The Sacramento Bee.

In 1980, Pacholik went into the Investment Securities industry, where he spent 29 years as a Registered Investment Adviser, Registered Principal, and FINRA Branch Office Manager.

In the mid-1990s, Pacholik added teaching duties to his quiver. He taught in Sacramento, CA. public & private universities including: MTI Business College; The University of Phoenix, Sacramento,; and California State University, Sacramento, for a total of seventeen years.

Bob’s first book, a military action-adventure novel set in the Caribbean, Crab Louie, was published as an e-book in August of 2012. A paperback version of Crab Louie was released in mid 2013.

Bob’s second book, Night Flares: Six Tales of the Vietnam War, was published as an e-book in April 2013, and won The Military Writer’s Society of America, ‘Bronze Medal 2014’ in the ‘hybrid’ fiction/non-fiction category. A paperback version of Night Flares was published in December of 2014, and won a Silver Medal from the E-Lit Awards Foundation for writing excellence.

Bob’s next book, Crab Louie Deux, a second military action–adventure novel set in the Caribbean, is due out during the holidays, in 2020.

Pacholik is also at work on a murder mystery/thriller, Saigon Summer, set in Vietnam, during the 1968 Tet Offensive. Saigon Summer is due out for release during the 50th Anniversary  yearof Tet, (and published as an e-book, and paperback book in early December y of 2019).

Bob and his wife, now both retired, live in Northern California, where he continues to scribble away.