Robert M. Pacholik

Selected Works

A hybrid, Fiction/Non-Fiction Short-Story Collection
Six extended length Short Stories of Vietnam based on eyewitness accounts of the men and women who served there in combat.
Action-Adventure Novel set on the Island of Antigua
An offshore American banker tangles with a ruthless gun-runner who wants to kill him, on Antigua.

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Robert M. Pacholik, a native of Chicago’s Southside, served two combat-tours in Vietnam as an Army field photographer and military journalist assigned to three Commands during 1968-69.

After completing a Bachelor’s, a Master’s degree, and a Community College Instructor Credential at Cal State University, Sacramento, he worked on weekly, daily, and metro daily newspapers for ten years, including The Sacramento Bee.

In 1980, Pacholik went into the Investment Securities industry, where he spent 29 years as a Registered Investment Adviser, Registered Principal, and FINRA Branch Office Manager.

In the mid-1990s, Pacholik added teaching duties to his quiver. He taught in Sacramento, CA. public & private universities including: MTI Business College; The University of Phoenix, Sacramento, and California State University, Sacramento, for fifteen years.

Bob’s first book, a military action-adventure novel set in the Caribbean, Crab Louie, was published as an e-book in August of 2012. A paperback version of Crab Louie was released in mid 2013.

Bob’s second book, Night Flares: Six Tales of the Vietnam War, was published as an e-book in April 2013, and won The Military Writer’s Society of America, ‘Bronze Medal 2014’ in the ‘hybrid’ fiction/​non-fiction category. A paperback version of Night Flares was published in December of 2014.

Bob’s next book, Crab Louie Deux, a second military action–adventure novel set in the Caribbean, is due out during the holidays, in 2018.

Pacholik is also at work on a murder mystery/​thriller, Saigon Summer, set in Vietnam, during the 1968 Tet Offensive. Saigon Summer is due out for release during the 50th Anniversary of Tet, early February of 2018.

Bob and his wife, now both retired, live in Northern California, where he continues to scribble away.