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CRAB LOUIE: An island Tale of Greed, Lust, and maybe Luv

Jonathan Dirkenson, an American offshore plaque banker (on Antigua), hedges stocks/bonds and trades currencies.He enjoys rum smoothies, wretched golf, and dallying with Elaine Martell on the moonlit beaches of the island.

Viktor Auguillar, a ruthless gun-runner and smuggler, and Karla Bassah, plan to kill Jonathan and take control of his $650 million bank in the Spring of 1993.

Jonathan calls on former members of the British Royal Marines, Wall Street friends, and media types to expose/destroy Viktor’s worldwide empire.

Using both noble and larcenous ways, they execute daring plans to thwart Jonathan’s imminent demise.

During his adventures, Jonathan is pursued by: a sadistic French-separatist assassin, a three-man South Philly hit-squad, a disgraced bodyguard to the Indian Raj, an ageing ex-Nazi sniper, and two Algerian tennis champs who kill people with bronze machetes.

And don’t forget killer golf.

Will Jonathan survive long enough to ‘settle-down’ with Elaine? Or?