Robert M. Pacholik

Selected Works

A hybrid, Fiction/Non-Fiction Short-Story Collection
Six extended length Short Stories of Vietnam based on eyewitness accounts of the men and women who served there in combat.
Action-Adventure Novel set on the Island of Antigua
An offshore American banker tangles with a ruthless gun-runner who wants to kill him, on Antigua.

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NIGHT FLARES: Six Tales of the Vietnam War

Night Flares combines six extended length personal stories of their experiences with two non-fiction sections that that spell out the How, the What, the Who, and the impact of guerilla warfare on all who fought there.

CRAB LOUIE: An island Tale of Greed, Lust, and maybe Luv
A rousing military action-adventure novel set on Antigua, where Jonathan, an American offshore banker, tangles with a ruthless gun-runner who wants to kill him and take control of his $650 million bank.

Jonathan trades securities/currencies, enjoys rum smoothies, and dallies with Elaine on the moonlit beaches of the island.